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Haunted House


Bottomless Brunch

Friday 27th of October 7pm

eerie actors

90 minutes bottomless drinks

terrifying experience

£35 per person

Image by charlesdeluvio


Experience our Haunted House Bottomless Brunch, where the line between reality and nightmare blurs into an eerie, heart-pounding symphony of fright. Step through the sinister threshold of a dark room, the air thick with foreboding. Guttural whispers and spine-tingling creaks fill the void, as unseen entities lurk in the inky shadows, poised to send shivers cascading down your spine. This is not your ordinary brunch; it's a descent into a macabre realm of horror and intrigue, a chilling odyssey into the unknown.


Join us for this sinister soiree and usher in the Halloween weekend like never before. Dress in your most menacing attire, for the spirits we invoke thrive on the energy of the living. Inhabit the role of a fearless ghost-hunter, a wicked witch, or any nightmarish persona your imagination can conjure. The haunted brunch is the perfect prelude to an enchanting Halloween weekend, an invitation to embrace the macabre, and an opportunity to test the limits of your bravery. Join us, if you dare, for a feast of fear and a bottomless brunch that will haunt your dreams and leave you yearning for more. This Halloween, let the terror reign, and may the bravest souls find solace in the darkness of our haunted house.


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